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If you want to sell your property and hire a berlin real estate agent to do it, you will have to deal not only with the services of the berlin real estate agent, but also with his remuneration.

Legal basis for the agent’s fee

The legislation provides that a berlin real estate agent receives a commission for the detection and mediation in the sale of the property.

The legal basis for it can be found in the Civil Code §652 - §654. The fees’ amount and who pays the berlin real estate agent's commission (whether buyer or seller) are on the other hand, not regulated by law.

Types of commission

In Germany the following types of berlin real estate agent's commission have been established: internal, external and mixed forms.

The internal commission (seller commission) is paid by the owner of the property (seller) to the berlin real estate agent. It is included in the selling price, thus, it is not visible for the buyer. The internal commission is registered in the brokerage contract.

The external commission (buyer commission) on the contrary, is shown separately. It is calculated as a fixed percentage of the selling price and has to be paid by the buyer. Whether a buyer can negotiate a reduction of the stipulated service fee depends from many factors (e.g. appeal of the property, duration of the sales process, amount of the commission, etc.).

In addition, there are also mixed forms of berlin real estate agent commission, in which the seller and buyer of a property, share the brokerage fee equally or in different percentages.

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Amount of the berlin real estate agent 's commission

In Germany, the amount of the commission is determined according to the regional convention and varies from state to state and sometimes even from region to region. For Berlin the reference value is 7.14 % (incl. VAT of 19%) and it is the buyer who normally has to pay it (external commission).

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