Hire a real estate agency in Berlin?

A property seller, who wants to sell his Berlin house or Berlin apartment, raises quickly the following question: should I sell my Berlin property by my own or hire a real estate agency Berlin for it.

Services provided by a Berlin real estate agency

The services of a good real estate agency Berlin range from the initial consultation to the promotion of the Berlin property and finally till the keys are handed over to the prospective buyer. Particularly important is the assessment of the Berlin property made by the real estate agency in Berlin before the sales process starts. In fact, a realistic valuation is the most important prerequisite to market a Berlin property successfully.

Berlin real estate agency services at a glance:

  •  Market analysis and determination of market value
  •  Preparation of sales documents and creation of exposés
  •  Advertisement of the Berlin property on online portals and through other promotion channels
  •  Selection of potential buyers from own database
  •  Coordination and conduct of viewings
  •  Conduct sales negotiations with potential buyers
  •  Credit check on prospective buyers and assistance on financing matters
  •  Preparation of sales contract and attendance to notarization
  •  Handing over of the property


Hiring a Berlin real estate agency - yes or no?

In practice, most owners opt for hiring a real estate agency Berlin rather than the self-marketing. Reasons for hiring a Berlin real estate agency include:

1. Full-service: Many owners appreciate the fact that they can rely on the real estate agency Berlin for handling the whole sales process, especially because the self-marketing would cost time and money.

2. Better marketing opportunities: A good real estate agency Berlin can sell the Berlin property for a higher price. This happens for example when he reaches more potential buyers thanks to a higher marketing pressure, and consequently, can drive the price up.

3. Berlin real estate agency as a problem solver: During the sales process, there are often problematic situations to handle. With the help of an experienced Berlin real estate agency these are more easily solved (e.g. avoid claims for damages from a buyer thanks to the liability insurance of the real estate agency Berlin).

First inform yourself - then hire a real estate agency in Berlin

Whether you want to hire a real estate agency Berlin or be responsible for the self-marketing of your property, you should always inform yourself first, quietly and in detail. In our guide "25 Tips for Real estate sales" you will learn, for example, what should be entered in a real estate service agreement and what not. How to draft an agreement and avoiding risks? Furthermore, you will find many other tips to sell your property successfully.

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