Guide to sell your Berlin House

Anyone who wants to sell a Berlin house have to face many questions:

  • Should I try to sell a house on my own (private selling)?
  • Should I ask a Berlin real estate agent to do it for me?
  • What is the value of my house in Berlin?
  • How do I get the highest price?

There are reliable answers to those and other questions. Inform yourself in detail to avoid unnecessary expenses and risks.

Berlin House

Risks and mistakes during the sales process of a house in Berlin

Many owners simply start selling their Berlin house and let everything take its course. But this is a mistake! It is important to remember that a person’s house is probably the most important asset. If you want to sell your house in Berlin, nothing should go wrong, so that you will be able to get the highest possible price for it.

Typical mistakes during the sale of a house in Berlin:

  •   Selling at the wrong time
  •   Selling without previous professional valuation
  •   Sales price set too high or too low
  •   Exposé made without professional help
  •   Insufficient advertising pressure and / or addressing the wrong target group
  •   No buyer advising (e.g. how to finance the purchase, renovation costs, etc.)
  •   Poor conduct of negotiations and no sales orientation
  •   No credit check of the buyer
  •   Lack of knowledge of sales contracts
  •   Insufficient awareness of hidden defects
  •   Underestimation of legal risks

The consequence of these and other mistakes is not only an unsatisfactory sales price, but also the possibility that the sale could be delayed or not fit with the planned purchase of the next property. And in the worst case there could be a rescission of sale and / or the buyer may even claim compensation for damages.

Selling a Berlin house – become an expert or ask a Berlin estate agents

The most important advice for selling a Berlin house is the following:

firstly inform yourself in detail about what to pay attention to and how to best prepare the sale of the Berlin house. After that you can decide if you want to sell a Berlin house on your own or hire a Berlin real estate agency.

But even in the latter case it is advisable to know what to consider when working with Berlin estate agents.

House sale guide

In the Berlin Property Market's guide you can find detailed and easy to understand instructions and advice for the perfect house sale. You will receive specific check-lists for selling a house that you can check off step by step. Plus a multitude of practical tips and an overview of the current real estate prices in Berlin.

Please send me the e-book "Berlin Property Market Practical Tips for Real estate sales" with the real estate price index for free.

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