Berlin Property survey and valuation report

In contrast to the free Berlin property valuation, a survey is a fee-based assessment of a property in Berlin. As in the free Berlin property valuation, the Berlin property market value of the property is determined. However, the requirements for a survey are higher. The preparation, being more complex, can take 2 to 4 weeks.

Berlin real estate market

Reasons for determining the Berlin property market value

Classic situations for the commissioning of an expert are:

  •   Property disputes (for example in inheritance and divorce cases)
  •   Documentation of the market value for the tax office
  •   As a basis for the purchase of real estate
  •   By foreclosures
  •   To identify operating assets

A survey is particularly useful if you anticipate a dispute on the market value of a Berlin real estate. This can for example be the case of an inheritance or divorce procedure, where the parties cannot agree on the settlement of the fortune. Since the valuation report is written by publicly appointed and certified appraiser, it is also admitted as evidence in court.

Tip: If you want to sell your Berlin property and all owners agree, a survey is not required. A free professional valuation of your Berlin property, where the Berlin property price and value is going to be determined, is sufficient.

Berlin property market report and survey - subject and content

A Berlin real estate market value appraisal can be made for any type of property. The determination of the Berlin property market value is done in the context of the so-called ImmoWertV (Property Valuation Ordinance). Depending on the Berlin property, three types of valuation methods can be used: the cost approach, the comparative approach and / or the income approach.

The Berlin property market report itself includes usually 20 to 30 pages and contains calculations as well as extensive textual explanations of the appraisal value.

Of course you can ask the appraiser just for a short report, or an opinion on the Berlin property market value of the Berlin real estate, and then the report itself will consist in about 2 to 3 pages. Consequently, the price will be lower as well, but this report will not be valid in court.

Cost of valuation reports

The cost of a survey is freely negotiable between appraiser and client, as the existing federal regulation, which also regulates the fees of appraisers, was since 18.08.2009 overridden.

In general the cost depends on the type and location of the Berlin property, as well as its condition. The type and scope of the report and the expected market value play also a role. In fact, the higher the expected market value, the higher the cost of an appraisal report. With Berlin real estate prices of up to 400,000 Euros, the cost is about 800 to 2,000 Euros. In certain cases the cost may also be higher, for example when the assessment is very complicated (e.g. for a hotel) or an unusually large number of information has to be gathered (e.g. for hereditary building rights).

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