Berlin estate agents

You want to sell your property and you are looking for a professional and service-oriented real estate agency in Berlin?
With more than 5,000 estate agents in the German capital the search is not easy. Which Berlin estate agents have the most experience? Who is trustworthy and reliable? And which Berlin estate agents are recommended specifically for the sale of your property?

Private sale or hiring a real estate agency in Berlin?

A private sale is conceivable when the seller is experienced and well aware of the market, so that he makes very few mistakes. However this is not usually the case. Berlin estate agents sell properties on a daily basis and have a better mastery of the marketing strategies than a private person. A Berlin estate agent, for example, spends more money on the advertisement of a property than the average private seller, enhancing therefore, the probability to find a buyer who is willing to pay the highest achievable price.

In addition, Berlin estate agents organize the sales process from A to Z and secure the sale legally. Private sellers often underestimate the time and expenses they would encounter. In the end the best real estate agency berlin is worth the money.

Berlin estate agents

What are the duties of Berlin estate agents?

Berlin estate agents will first discuss the sales objectives and conditions with the owner. In the next step they will make an assessment on site and develop a sales strategy. If the owner agrees to the strategy, the Berlin estate agent compiles all information about the property and prepares a selling exposé.

Berlin estate agents choose a wide variety of channels (Internet portals, flyers, signs and posters, etc.) to market the Berlin property to both existing customers registered in the database and the general public. They coordinate and carry out viewings of the Berlin property and advise prospective buyers. Furthermore, the Berlin estate agent checks the creditworthiness of potential buyers and assists them in the financing matters. He leads also the purchase negotiations and balances the interests of seller and buyer. When a buyer is found, the Berlin estate agent prepares the purchase agreement and clarifies further steps. He is present at the meeting with the notary and when the Berlin property is handed over.

How Berlin estate agents are getting paid? What service fee is appropriate?

Berlin estate agents receive, in case of successful sale, a commission. The amount of the service fee is basically freely negotiable. In Germany, depending on the state and city, it is about 5 to 7%. In Berlin the reference value is 7.14 % including 19% VAT. However, the commission is usually entirely paid by the buyer. Whether a fee is reasonable or not depends on the individual case.

What should I consider when I make a contract with a real estate agent in Berlin?

It is recommended for the owner of an object to stipulate an exclusive real estate service agreement with Berlin estate agents, so that the real estate agency Berlin can really invest fully in the sale of the Berlin property.

When the owner has already some potential customers, they can be added separately in the real estate service agreement and be exempted from the commission claim or be treated separately.

The real estate service agreement should normally have duration of 6 to 9 months, in some cases even up to 1 year.

How can I find the best real estate agency berlin?

The best real estate agency berlin has a good reputation, proven experience, knows the city or district very well and executed many sales. Reputable Berlin estate agents work internationally, are multilingual and have references. Berlin estate agents are competent, trustworthy and reliable. A Berlin Real Estate Agency works service-oriented and is always approachable for the owner and for prospective buyers.

For a layman, it is very difficult to assess the performance of Berlin estate agents if he has never worked with them before. Therefore, it is advisable to seek Berlin estate agents who have already been positively evaluated by many customers.

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