Property prices in Berlin

How have the Berlin real estate prices evolved?


The Berlin real estate prices have reached a considerable level. The Berlin residential property market is experiencing a boom not seen in years. What sales prices can be achieved in each district of the capital of Germany. You will see it in our Berlin property price index.



Land prices and square meter prices in Berlin

Berlin is traditionally a city of tenants with an unusually low rate of home ownership, but the change has already begun. There is a significant rise in the population with a disproportionate increase in one-person households, which meet on a much too small supply of rental housing. Moreover, strongly rising rents and historically low interest rates make sure that an increasing number of people in Berlin decide to buy its own Berlin property. All favourable market conditions for sellers of properties.
It is important to mention that depending on the area, the Berlin real estate prices vary considerably. Especially in attractive areas like Mitte or Prenzlauer Berg prices have risen by leaps and bounds. Berlin estate agents reported a very good market development for high-quality apartments that are in “good” to “very good” locations. By contrast, for Berlin housing in less attractive districts there has hardly been an increase in value, or even worse, in some cases a negative trend could be observed.

In the entire city area the demand for land to construct single and semi-detached houses has been very high in recent years and this trend persists unabated. In our Berlin property price index you can find information about Berlin apartment prices, Berlin house prices, Berlin land prices and square meter prices for the district of your choice.

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